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Micah Reitz


professional. Light-Hearted. Exceptionally normal.

So you’re getting hitched, eh?

Well you’re in the right place. If you’re not getting hitched… then you’re also in the right place. (psst – scroll down) But if you’re looking for someone to preserve the memories of your wedding day, then I’m your guy.

I’ll help plan your day to go as smoothly as possible so you can focus on each other and your guests all the way up until you’re free at last running through those sparklers or rice or whatever. (Do people still do rice though?)


Engagement package


2 hours of shooting

Unlimited outfit changes


Snuggling (not with me)

Digital gallery with 50+ images

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All Inclusive Wedding + Engagement package


Everything in the Engagement Package

All-day coverage

Getting Ready/Details

First Look

Bridal Party

Family Photos





Keeping mom happy / anything else

Digital gallery with way too many photos

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Lots of flexibility

Contact for more details


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I’m a photographer and cheesin’ boy based in St. Paul who likes sweaters, tropical birds, and tea. I love capturing the energy and emotion of a wedding day.

I put a lot of care into my work and I love meeting new people and making genuine connections.

about me





Family photos

Using a camera to make snippy snaps when things are quiet


Posters ( + design)

Portraits / headshots

Album Covers / band shoots

Concept shoots



Say hello!

Recent Weddings


Happy Clients

“Wow I can’t believe Micah gave me a back massage while I was giving my vows just because I looked nervous. Thanks Micah!”

“He glued our foreheads together but the photos were super cute”

“He took great photos, but he moonwalked his way down the aisle and stole the show. My fiance actually forgot where we was and started cheering.”


Well snap. You made it this far. I guess it’s time for you to

Hire me or I’ll log your ip address and send you glitter bombs in the mail